Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great deal on great coffee

You may have heard - I'm a coffee addict. I admit it. I am in constant search of the perfect cup of coffee. One of my absolute favorites is Gevalia Decaf Vanilla Nut. I'm not big on vanilla flavored beverages, but the nuttiness hooked me. Nice on a chilly evening relaxing after a long day.

Gevalia is now running a special and you choose any 3 for $3, get a free travel mug, and then cancel as soon as your first order arrives and pay nothing else - ever! They also have other specials to get a coffee maker and coffee assortment for less than $20. I have had my Gevalia coffee maker for about 6 years now (?) and it's still going strong - and trust me, I use it EVERY day! If you want, you can have the home delivery set up at your convenience, but I find it kinda pricey. But I absolutely love the specials they run like this one! The boxes are a good size and last me quite a while since I use the Gevalia coffees for special times, not my every morning cuppa joe.

BTW, canceling is a snap - you don't even have to call them. Just log in and cancel right online. ;)

Anyway...if you love good coffee, but hate high prices - check out this deal!