Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blogger Block & a Request from Readers

I'm suffering a severe case of Blogger Block. 

I haven't blogged anything substantial in...well, I can't remember how long it's been.  I've posted deals and coupon match-ups, but really, I feel like that's just redundant given how many "deal" blogs are out there already.

My brother, Jon, told me once to look at the highest rated entry I have and "write about that!"  (for those that don't blog, you can see how many people read each particular entry)  Well, the post that got the most hits of all time was "Homemade Dogfood for health & savings!And frankly, that's about all I have on that topic.  : /

The 2nd most-viewed was an entry about seeing my father for the first time in 32 years.  Talk about a change-up in topics!

So, I face the questions that I'm sure all bloggers do at some point:
* What do you, as readers, want me to blog about? 
* Do you want me to blog about anything?? 
* Do I just blog "from the heart" - which is what I'm feeling led to do - and open myself up to being virtually vulnerable about some personal stuff now & then? 
* Or do I shut the whole thing down (which I really don't want to do simply because I put a LOT of hours into building this site over the years!!!)

Comments on this are obviously welcome and appreciated!