Saturday, September 12, 2009

Great auctions on!!

Ok, two of them are mine... ;) But everyone at WuC is a winner when you check out and bid on the great auctions there. Seriously SO much more fun than eBay! You always get a SUPER deal!

I just won a Coach bag (ok, a knock-off but a really GOOD, $65 knock-off!) for $27 shipped. Most of the auctions end for MUCH less, though - check it out, you'll love it! Just be careful, it's easy to get sucked into bidding and looking, so make sure your family has some cereal or frozen pizza or something to eat while you're busy. LOL

Here's my two (click links to go directly to auctions):

Feed Your Dogs on Chinet and More!

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Check those out if you have pets, need paper plates, or have a baby or baby shower coming up soon!

Many more great auctions up here at - have fun!


Jana said...

I'm going to go check this out. Thanks for the tip!