Monday, June 30, 2014

My Trim Healthy Mama Discovery

"This was both encouraging and entertaining! (Do you have a blog or other writing venue? If not, you should consider it!)" 

That was a reply I got to a Facebook post this weekend, and is the reason I am writing this now.  Sometimes the least little encouragement is all we need, right ladies?  And this one touched my heart deeply, as I love writing but seldom make the time to do it (as you can easily see by this blog right here!).

So about 4 weeks ago, I stumbled upon something that seems to - thus far - been pretty life changing!  I fell down the Google Rabbit Hole and landed at Trim Healthy Mama.  This book/page has apparently been around for a couple of years now, and since I'm always looking for the next get-thin-quick scheme, it's downright amazing that I never heard of it before.  Or maybe that's exactly WHY I never heard of it before now.  Our God, He does work in mysterious ways...

Anyway, I started loosely following it and below is a post I made on their Facebook page the other day.  I hope it encourages someone else out there.

For you ladies who are discouraged and frustrated the scale, who are trying so hard and not seeing those numbers move.... Take your measurements!!! I actually went up on the scale this past week and was not a happy camper at. all. I did, however, take my measurements when I started loosely following THM about 4 weeks ago.

I do pretty good most days, but still slip in meal-skipping (there's just too much to eat! what kind of "diet" is that?!  ) and doing some accidental crossovers, but doing "ok" considering I just got the book 2 days ago. Well, I decided this morning that I'd check my measurements and see if this was really working at all - ya know, other than the better sleep, more energy, skin clearing up, and better moods. 

I "de-robed" (aka, got nekkid), grabbed my measuring tape and a note pad and went to work. I looked at the numbers I wrote down after each measurement and thought "Ugh. Still huge." (not remembering my previous ones, they are in my MyFitnessPal phone app).

Opened the app to enter the numbers and compare... To my astonishment - down .2" on my neck (bigggg deal, I thought. Blah. Better than nothing though, right? Hrmph.)...

Continued on...1.5" on my waist... Wait. What? But the scale said I gained weight!

2" on my hips. About that time my jaw hit the floor and I did a little jig, right there in the bathroom, all by myself. 

So to those, like me, who have been slaves to the number on the scale - remember this:

Scale - 5 letters, starts with S
Satan - 5 letters, starts with S.
Both are LIARS!