Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rush Week

My daughter is in her high school sorority, and this is the beginning of Rush Week. I have mixed feelings about this process, mostly because I don't see the point in dumping buckets of NASTY stuff (leftover food/drink) all over your friends... but then again, I'm old. LOL

Yesterday was the official start of Rush Week - a week full of dressing up your "Little Sister" in all sorts of goofy outfits, making her do silly things at school and in public, not letting her use shampoo or shave all week (UGH! for that reason alone, I would never participate!). Some girls are much meaner - they don't let their Little Sisters shower/bathe AT ALL, all week long. Some make them shower outside in a bathing suit with the cold water from a hose. Every Big Sister has their own list of Rules, which are written in a book which the Little Sister must wear around her neck all week. Not adhering to the Rules means you get a black mark for each offense. My daughter got 6 last year because she was caught shaving and using hand soap to wash her hair. Personally, I'm proud that she refused to go all week without these things!

I'm glad that she has the chance to participate in the group activities like this, even if I don't "get it". It's a good bonding experience, and teaches lessons in trust and kindness IF you get a good Biggie (as I said, each Big Sister is different, but my daughter isn't going to be really mean to her Little Sister - just silly). Plus, it's just downright FUN for the girls, a chance for them to be silly and goofy and have an "excuse" to be so.

Maybe we ladies should have our own form of Rush Week.
I know I could certainly use a week of goofiness sometimes!
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

omg... I can SMELL THIS!!! yup. I did this too. Had no idea what it was, why I was in, and had never even known it existed before they show'd up that night to take me away... but I did it anyway!