Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Norwex - why didn't I think of this??

I was reading some of my many favorite cleaning/organizing/decluttering blogs a few weeks ago, looking for some recipes for homemade glass cleaner that wouldn't leave streaks of yellow (pollen) all over my windows. One of the bloggers mentioned mentioned how much she "loves Norwex window cloths". Off I went in search of them...

I first found them for sale on some big-name shopping sites (one of which starts with an "A" and ends with a "mazon"). This shop wanted as much for shipping as the items themselves - that's never made sense to me.

The more I looked, the more I read and learned and finally I landed on a site where I could sign up to sell these products and by that time, I was hooked. Or at least, I thought I'd get a bunch of really cool new cleaning supplies to play with...and I LOVE cleaning supplies ...just take a peek in my hall closet if you don't believe me.

Fast-forward about a week: I got my starter kit in the mail and started using the products. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I've bought microfiber cloths in the past and frankly, I thought they didn't do a bit of good. I've been more of a plain ol' dish-towel girl, using old ones to wipe up messy spills and clean doggie-water-bowl-dribbles off the floor.

Friday night (yes, I'm a wild woman): I started trying out the supposedly "amazing" microfiber cloths. And if the fact that I was still scrubbing anything I could get my hands on at midnight tells you anything - YES, they are AMAZING! My daughter was laughing at me, because I was literally wiping down everything in the house with these cloths dampened with tap water.

Here are a few things I have cleaned, so far, with the Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth:

All of the kitchen counters
Stove (top to bottom)
Fridge doors/handles
Sharpie off the bathroom tile (don't ask)
Walls behind trashcan (yuck, they get gunky!)
Door frames and window sills
My future son-in-law's Playstation 3 (hey, they get dusty and have lots of fingerprints!)

If you have cheap flat white paint on your walls, you feel my pain at trying to keep them clean...I wiped down a few walls of my own - painted with cheap flat white paint - that didn't get damaged one bit from the cloth and looked like new after.

I tried the dry mop over the weekend. Frankly, I wasn't very impressed. But maybe I'm not using it right or something, because everyone else raves about how great it is. I should read the instructions or something...will report back on this when I use it again.

The window cloth that I'd originally been searching for is... for lack of a better phrase... the best thing since sweet tea, Cheerwine, and Sun Drop! And if you're a fellow Southerner, you KNOW how great sweet tea, Cheerwine, and Sundrop are! For my yankee friends - it's the best thing since a grilled brat or Euchre. (How's that?) No streaks whatsoever, works dry or dampened with a little water... I'm gonna have birds flying into my windows like on that commercial (but without the stinky smell of that product)

Anyway, just thought I'd share my experience, and if you're at all interested in learning more or getting some Norwex stuff for yourself (either as a hostess - online, in-person, or business orders) just give me a shout via email or my Facebook page!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Day We Almost Lost Him - please read!

When my husband and I started dating he was active, played on a softball team every week, not overweight, had never been told by a doctor that he had high blood pressure or cholesterol - none of the typical signs of someone with heart disease. We have 5 children between us, who were ages 8-16 years at that time. On October 20, 2001 after having a nice dinner date without the kids, he began having what he thought was heartburn. He told me he was going to lie down until it passed.

He was healthy. There was NO reason for me to think it was anything but heartburn. But because of some still, small voice in my heart directly from God - I got online and entered into Google's search bar "symptoms of heart attack". I quickly read the symptoms, and I told him I was taking him the hospital. Again said he was fine...just a little indigestion, that he'd go on to bed and be fine in the morning, he "just needed some Tums".

But God wasn't going to let him go that easily from this earth. I printed out what I had found in my online search, I began begging him to go to the hospital, I even started crying hysterically at one point. This seemed totally irrational at the time because he had absolutely NO history of heart issues! So, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was all over that house that night. When David finally started vomiting (which I had just learned is one of the symptoms of a heart attack), he agreed to go to the ER.

I think we were both still in denial as to what could be happening, or I would have called 911. I still regret that decision that wasted such valuable time. By the time we got there, he was doubled-over in crushing pain and telling me "I love you so much! Tell the kids I love them, please! Promise you'll tell my kids I loved them!"

He had suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 37.
The doctor told me later that had we been just 5 minutes later getting to the ER, David would have been dead. He was in ICU for a week, and a regular room for several more days. He had stents put into his heart to open the arteries that were blocked - one referred to as "The Widow Maker" (because blockage in that artery usually leads to cardiac arrest and sudden death). Six weeks later, due to a change in medications, he suffered another heart attack as we were on the way to church with the kids on Sunday morning. More blockages were found, more stents put in. He now has a cardiac catheterization
every year to check for new blockages.

A month ago, he had 3 more stents placed after experiencing some shortness of breath and occasional chest pains. He had a 99% blockage in one artery, 95% in another, and one of the previous stents had closed up. He now has 11 stents in his heart.
(I jokingly ask him if he's going for a world record)

One thing I know - my husband is on this earth for a PURPOSE and
God isn't finished with him yet!

Through a divine MIRACLE, David is healthy and strong enough to participate in the
American Heart Association Heart Walk this year!

Please consider sponsoring us with any donation amount. Just click the banner at the top of the page or this link which will take you to our Team Page. Even the smallest donations can make a huge difference in helping those with heart disease to live long, healthy lives with their families and find new treatments - and hopefully a cure - one day for the #1 killer in America.

Please give as you're able, and pray for a cure!
Thank you, and God bless you and yours!

And if you or a loved one has ANY symtoms of a heart attack, call 911 immediately!! Do NOT wait like we did or try to drive to the ER. Ambulances have special equipment and medications that can stabilize the patient and save valuable heart tissue while transporting them to the hospital.

Oh, those Hazy Days...

I am very pleased to let my readers know about a local business in my little hometown that offers special one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand-beaded serving utensils, collaging, tree ornaments and even creative writing and editing services! Hazy Days Creative Company is a "celebration of the imagination!" and founded by my sweet friend, Hannah.

I have several dearly loved pieces that I have ordered from Hazy Days, and they are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and get more compliments than anything I've every purchased from a retail store! I am placing a custom order soon for my daughter's wedding cake utensils and a special mother/daughter gift for her big day later this year. (oh, now I'm tearing up again thinking about that. Let me get back to the topic here...)

Here's what Hannah has to say about
how Hazy Days came to be:

"The word “company” was specifically chosen so that Hazy Days could encompass all things creative. Jewelry is one outlet for my creative energy, but my passion (and educational background) includes the written word. Additionally, I have over five years of experience as a college English instructor. Words, writing, literature…these are my keywords!"

Hazy Days newest line of jewelry is Printemps: A Collection for Little Girls. These are the sweetest little keepsakes that any girl would be honored to say is her own! They are all one-of-a-kind, just like the special girl in your life.

This collection is sized and designed for the younger set. Each piece is handcrafted with soft, lightweight beads in delicate colours. The inspiration comes from special occasions in the spring and summer: Easter Sunday, a summer wedding or a milestone in a young girl’s life, like preschool or Kindergarten graduation. This collection is available through Spring/Summer 2011 by special order.
To place your order, email:

To see other beautiful items available, visit Hazy Days Creative Company online and browse the gallery of most recent collections:

To place a custom order, email:

AMAZING deal today only - and a RAOK?

I've been out of the blogger loop for some time due to personal stuff going on and just being SWAMPED in "real life". But I'm back and hoping to save you tons of cash!

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