Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling Smug

Thanks to my niece, who asked me to help work on her website, I have discovered Smugmug!

It's a photo hosting/sharing site, and is SO user friendly and has some great added features (for example, having galleries that can be public, private, or both; sharing with other Smuggers, ordering prints, and so much more!).

I've used several other sites to store my personal photos, but I like this one best. After my computer crash a few weeks ago, I sure wish that I'd found Smugmug sooner! I have photos on MySpace and Facebook, as well as some at another photo hosting site (which I really. don't. like. but didn't know any better when I first found it!).

I am definitely moving ALL my photos to Smugmug to keep them safe, just in case I have another crash! :(

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