Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to star in my brother's commercial?

No, really, I'm serious! He's looking for users of his new program called "Gimmee" to star in his first TV commercial!

"What's Gimmee?" you may ask? Well, ummm...that's for him to explain. I'm a geek, but he is THE GEEK, and I really haven't wrapped my brain around what all Gimmee will entail yet. (hey, I do good to remember to breathe these days, so cut me some slack). I know it's something to do with tailoring your ads - you know, the annoying ones that are always on your computer screen telling you what you need/want - like a Kirby salesman that stops by as soon as you sit down to dinner? (no offense to any Kirby salespeople who may be reading this)

Well, somehow my bro is going to make it so that those ads actually DO tell you what you need/want vs what some marketer says you need/want. In other words, you'll choose your own ads! And that sounds peachy to me. (at least I think that's what it will do...he will probably pop by here at some point and enlighten us all)

Frankly, I'm getting a complex with all the weight-loss ads that keep showing up on my monitor - can I get an "Amen, sister!"??

Check it out, sign up for more info, he's good peeps. :) Oh yeah, and you could be the next Gimmee Star!

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