Friday, March 05, 2010

Please take my POLL! And some Caffeinated Randomness Friday

Chilly but SUNNY day in NC today! Supposed to warm up to around 50 today, maybe 60 by Sunday - I can't wait! I need to clean up the deck and yard in a bad way. Or just sit outside and read. :)

Or take a walk! Yes! I want to take a walk with my pups and not freeze half to death. I bought the best invention ever (well, for people with dogs) several months ago and finally got to test it out on the last warmish day we had. A double dog leash - it's wonderful!! No more am I getting tangled up trying to hold two leashes when I take the pups out for a long walk. I highly recommend it if you have more than one pooch.

In other randomness: I'm trying to lose weight. Really, I am. But the stupid scale keeps going up and down the same. two. pounds. every other day and it's frankly bumming me out. Like, totally. :( I think I'm just going to stay off of it for a month or so because inevitably, I get on it and see that it's gone down a bit, get excited, then get on it the next day and it's gone up again, get bummed out and think "Forget it! This will never happen!" I've been going back & forth trying to decide whether to do Body For Life or Weight Watchers. I got in the best shape of my life doing Body For Life several years ago. Then gained 30 lbs due to some medication I had to go on for 10 months. Ugh. And I haven't been able to get it back off again. BfL is INTENSE, and I was eating basically nothing but chicken, brown rice, oatmeal and cottage cheese - which I like, btw - and I was a beast at the gym - working out about 10-12 hours a week - HARD! But I have several friends who have lost, and kept off, tons of weight using Weight Watchers.

So, question: what do you think I should do?? BfL or WW? This is an informal poll and I really do want to hear what you have to say. Please tell me if you've done either, and what your results were with the program!

That out of the way, I think I'll log off now and go do a Walk Away The Pounds DVD. Actually, there are some awesome success stories with WATP, too. So let's add that to the poll, too! Do you do these workouts? If you've lost pounds and inches with it, tell me about it!

So here are the options:
Body for Life
Weight Watchers
Walk Away the Pounds

What say ye, readers??


Patricia said...

I think you should stick to what worked for you! I've never heard of bfl but sounds like a good one. Also, instead of weighing yourself, try wearing snug clothes that you eventually want to fit into! Works for me. :-)

Bobbi said...

Happy CR Friday! Do what makes you happiest. Friendship is important!

Joan said...

I really don't know much about Body for Life. A friend of mine did it and had good results. She eventually gained the weight back. I've done the Weight Watchers online program. I didn't like it. I was always hungry. I'm not big on formal diets but the most success I had was Jorge Cruise's 3 Hour Diet. I'm sure you can google it. You eat 6 mini meals each with a certain amount of proteins, carbs, fruit, veg, dairy etc. It took a lot of organization.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Is it bad that I am writing this as I eat Ben and Jerry's? I think I better stop now...Good reminder...:)

I would vote for WW. I have done both and found BFL to be too intense and too restrictive. Once I started to eat like a normal person again, I gained a few pounds back.

WW teaches you how to see food differently, at least it did for me.

Good luck to you!

Kathy said...

I did weight watchers and did good until about 1 1/2 years ago when I had to take some meds and started having trouble breathing so I stopped going to the gym and got careless with my food intake and points counting. Now that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I know I will have to modify my exercise routine but I have decided to get back on weight watchers and go back to the gym if the rheumatologist says I can. The snug clothes thing works too.

Critty said...

That is a hard question and it sounds like you are at a plateau.

Weight Watchers is great and my Mum loves it. Personally I just count calories plus exercise and use an iPhone app called Lose and I really like it.

I hope you find something that works for you!

Have a great weekend!

carma said...

walking away the pounds sounds like the most fun plan to me -- sorry I can't be more helpful!

Andrea said...

I'm doing weight watchers right now, so you should join me!

jackie said...

I've never heard of body for life, but I would stick to that if it worked for you. I've only tried the Atkins and that worked for me. It's really hard not to eat certain foods though.

Karen said...

I do Walk Away the Pounds and love it! I try to do the 1 mile workout 4-5 days a week. At some point, I plan to switch out one or two days for the 2 mile workout. Maybe do the 1 mile workout three days and the 2 mile workout two days. We'll see.

I don't do WW or Body for Life. I try to watch my portion sizes and drink plenty of water. I also try to eat a balanced ratio of protein and carbs in most of my meals.

But I do enjoy my chocolate! :)

~ Mel ~ said...

Thanks for the replies everyone! I am going to start with the 10-Day WATP Challenge, while watching what I eat and bumping the water WAY up (I've been really bad about that lately). Then I'll see where to go from there. My biggest hurdle right now is getting back into exercising every day, so the short challenge will help with that - hopefully! :)

Michelle said...

*giggle* i vote for NONE! haha
i hate to eat right,
i hate to exercise.