Monday, March 15, 2010

Decluttering Life & Desk - a Pictorial...

In an effort to regain some semblence of relaxation in my life again, I've decided to pare down, declutter, recycle and yes - sell my Blackberry while I'm at it.

Friday I started with my desk... WARNING: for others with OCD, you may want to avert your eyes from the first picture. Yes, I live with this affliction, as well - which is why I have felt totally CRAZY for the past few weeks...



Is that not beautiful?!?!? I threw out - literally - an entire garbage bag of stuff I don't need, want, or that doesn't make me happy (ok, I couldn't throw out the pile of work I brought home on Thursday - but I would have if I could!)

Next, I put my Beloved on Ebay this morning. If you're interested in a great PDA/phone - check it out: My Blackberry

I feel better just knowing that things are getting into order -


(see, told you I have OCD)


Joan said...

Wow your blackberry is on ebay! Your blog page is really looking good btw. I had a de-cluttering fit today when I got home from work. Good thing I got it out of my system before the slobs and pack rat got home.