Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Mother of Invention - A Kitchen Shortcut!

Ok, so it's not really a necessity that I *not* cut potatoes by hand, but it's not something I look forward to doing. But this morning I had a hankerin' for some homemade hashbrowns or "home-fries" (which, for those that don't know are like steak fries, but for breakfast. Steak fries being big ol' fat french fries, for those that don't know that one either). I got out the potatoes and groaned about having to either shred or slice them up. Yes, I dislike dealing with them that much. Plus, I don't want to spend my Saturday morning peeling and chopping taters - sorry Nana!

As I was getting the stove warmed up, I spotted one of my favorite kitchen tools and thought "Hmmm....!" - which my husband will tell you is usually like that joke about rednecks:

How do you know a redneck is about to go to the E.R.?

You hear them yell "Hey y'all! Watch this!!"

My "Hmmm...!" is often the equivalent of the redneck's " this!"

But, I digress.

So I thought I'd try to slice the potatoes in the MOST lazy way possible -

To my surprise - it worked like a charm!! Why I should be surprised at this, I don't know, since it's function IS to cut round food items...

The round piece in the middle was just too cute, too. Round fries - who wouldn't love that?

I did decide to cut the cute round fry in half, just in case it was too big to cook alongside the rest.

I love cooking with coconut oil now, so I fried them up in that and added some chopped onions toward the end. Sadly, there is no "Voila!" picture - as they were all gobbled up too quickly. But I highly encourage using your apple corer for more than apples! In less than 5 minutes, tops, I had 3 big potatoes washed, sliced, and in the pan - getting gorgeously browned and crispy.

Now that I've discovered this trick, I may never buy frozen fries again. These are sooooooo much better, and healthier!


Tracy said...

Yum and adorable. Love the idea. My husband was just talking about this, this weekend. I should surprise him!