Monday, March 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday!

In other news about getting life back in order (see previous post), I recommitted (again!) to getting healthy last week. I worked out a whole two days in a row! At the gym! So proud. I've also eaten really, really well since last Thursday - possibly even since Wednesday. I can tell I've lost something - weight, maybe a 1/4 inch or so... you know how you just feel *lighter* when you eat clean.

One of my motivators has been my online pal ASUJoan - She always has the most thoughtful posts - you should check them out. Her recent ones about her own quest to live healthier have really helped me to step it up on my end. She thinks I never read her blog, but I do! I just forget to comment when I read it... I'm so busy absorbing the great insights she has there. :)

Another thing that really motivated me was one of the success stories at Mamavation. I happened to get it in my email last week and something just ~clicked~ when I read about a lady who has lost 60 lbs in the past year or so. No quick fix: just healthy eating, exercise, the occasional slip-up (because we WILL all have them) - but mostly her amazingly positive attitude. All the Mamas at Mamavation are just awesome, and I'm proud to pledge into their online sorority.

I'm NOT getting on the scale this time. Not for at least a week or more. Heck, maybe I'll NEVER get back on that horrible contraption. I know what I weighed last week (since I had a doctor's appt) and that's all I needed to know. And no - I will never, ever, EVER tell you - so don't think about asking (unless, of course, you have John Mayer tickets for his show tonight, then we can negotiate privately ~doing the "Call me!" sign). Honestly, the number I saw on that scale sickened me. And the sad fact is that it is literally sickening me. And doggonit, I'm too young to feel this old. I do not want to age gracefully - I want to go into my elder years kicking, screaming, and hopefully while dancing to some rockin' tunes. But in order to do that, I need to get back into shape - NOW.

If you're a Mamavation Mama, too, please let me know! If you're not, feel free to leave encouraging comments as often as you wish. I'd love to do the same for you! :)



Trish said...

Hi...I am a Sista...Love mamvation! There are a lot of successful stories here...Moms and sistas alike. I look forward to reading your posts each week. here is to a great one!

Angela said...

I'm a Sista, too!! I'm so glad to hear that you are recommitting to taking care of YOU. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you. :)

bookieboo said...

I'm the original Sista and I'm so happy to have you as part of Mamavation. We are real here and only encouraging. We don't believe in diets, rather "live-its" and healthy living. No gimmicks...just hard work and activity. But we are full of love and encouragement for one another and very willing to support you! XXOO

Joan said...

Oh thanks for the kind words. I read your blog more than I comment too. I'll have to check out Mamavation.
I'm posting something about weight gain too in the next few days.

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said...

I am a sita as well. I am glad that you are here. Know that we are here for you and will support you in everything you your whole time! @beeacutie2

kia said...

Hi there, I am in the Sistahood too. I want to wish you well on your journey and will stick my tongue at my scale in honor of you. Those things are horrid contraptions LOL! Start your plan on your baby steps and we'll celebrate your successes as your clothes fit looser and you feel more like your age again.

Pamela M. Kramer said...

Welcome!!!! I am in the Sistahood too. Get a measuring tape it's a nice change from the scale. lol