Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Do you hear the Jingle Bells yet??

Christmas is coming! Are you ready?
I'm not!
It's snuck up on me again this year...LOL

But luckily my friend, Cassandra (who I've known since middle school - that's a LONG time) sent me an email about this company this morning. I'm VERY skeptical of these things, so I checked it out pretty thoroughly, and found nothing negative (except for the usual haters who's life mission is to bash others - they are easy to spot when you've researched as much online as I have in my life!)

I wanted to tell you about this, since I know we are all wanting to earn extra $ these days. I won't pester you to join - I hate when people do that myself. Just check it out and let me know if you have any questions...

Before anything else though, I want to tell you the upfront cost - because frankly that was my biggest concern: $25.00 investment and you can cancel at anytime!

David & I spend that every weekend going to a movie. LOL After that, it's $25 a month, but for each person that registers through your site, you get $25 - every month - so you break even with your FIRST person. The compensation plan is here - just look in the top toolbar. Residual income is how all the internet gurus are getting rich - and now you can too - or at least make some extra spending money! It just depends on how much time you want to invest in promoting your site - through your own blog, email, Facebook, Twitter, word-of-mouth, however you want. Personally, I'm praying for a blessing!!

Basically, you just promote your website (which the company provides, you don't even have to tweak anything!) Membership includes free access to e-business building tools. You don't sell anything at all - just direct people to your site and let them make up their minds if they want to participate - just like I'm doing now.

The company makes their money by selling cds/dvds/ebooks - which are completely and totally optional - you never have to buy any of them at all.

Now, I'll warn you - this site looks REALLY cheesy, in my opinion. LOL But it must be working! My friend, Cassandra S. (you can find her in my FB friends list) has already made $$ and she just started on SUNDAY of this week (11/1/09). Her "upline" - a personal friend of hers - made $600 in 3 days. Even if you don't make that much - you will get your $25 back with your first enrollment. Again, it's only a $25.00 investment and you can cancel at anytime.

Plus, you will have access to tons of videos/ebooks/etc to teach you how to grow ANY business - which can help in other areas of your business career, too. Anyway, just thought I'd pass it on in case you're interested!

Just click here to check it out by clicking HERE.

Remember to check out the Comp Plan in the top toolbar to see the potential earnings!

Feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested - they can also contact me with questions directly at

God bless!