Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some new, neat free e-books!

I just got this email newsletter from Free e-books.net and thought these looked interesting enough to pass on. I haven't read them yet, but they look pretty good to me! Take a peek!

(note: I am not an affiliate or otherwise compensated in any way by free-ebooks.net)

The Vegetarian Paradox

Health, by Russell Eaton

The Vegetarian Paradox reveals why vegetarians are less healthy than non-vegetarians. Why is this so? Surely a diet with plenty of fruit & vegetables should make you healthier? What’s going on? The extraordinary research that is now coming to light is clearly showing that, compared to their non-vegetarians peers, vegetarians are more at risk of cancer, dementia, obesity, heart disease, stroke, eating disorders, infertility and other ailments. This astounding new report will shock you whether or not you are vegetarian. This high quality ebook is fully referenced. Download it now.

Strange & Weird Stories

Short Stories, by Nathan Orion

You probably remember, or have seen reruns of that great 60s TV series, Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, where strange things happened without any scientific explanation. Things just happened, right? And you lived with it. Scifi magazines want scientific justification. I don’t buy that. Things happen every day that defy explanation. Fantasy Magazines seem to lean toward sword & sorcery, & Horror magazines—in my mind lean toward too much gore. So, if you can get past the fact that these stories defy explanation, aren’t too bloody, and no dwarves, then you are in for some great reading.


Drama, by David St. James

SHEA MCTORY, 31, is way down on his luck. His photography career fell to the party scene. For a few years he’s been on the street, scratching a living. He gets more than bargained for when he answers the ad: VOLUNTEERS WANTED, FREE FOOD, PAY….All he wanted was a roof over his head, to earn some money, maybe get some good food. But the food is not tasty; he’s locked up with an adolescent-minded ex-sailor and a psychopath; he stumbles across secret, illegal & dangerous research; meets NATALIE, the love of us life. Frustrations build, tempers flare, love affairs, friendships, hatreds, develop.

Press 1 for Pig Latin

Business, by Robert S. Swiatek

If you hear those 5 words, we’re sunk. This not a book about farm animals - it covers technological advances: cars, TV, bombs, the computer and telephone. Technology has failed us, giving us too many bad side effects to the people and the earth. Despite this, we have to fix it, since there are so many benefits. This book offers solutions to clean up the mess that the people themselves have made.


Michelle said...

heehee press one for pig latin made me laugh! i remember being in high school and when asked if i could speak another language..... i said yes, pig latin!