Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christian Reality TV?? + free e-Book!

I was flipping through channels Saturday night, and stopped on what looked like a new reality show. This one is different from the usual, though. It's a Christian reality show called Thunder Road! It follows Ben Cerullo and his crew on their missions around the world.

It was *awesome*!

I got online to check out his website, and found his wonderful new book FREE: "Proof of Love" (e-book). This is great for new Christians and old, and can be a great ministry tool for your friends and family! Check it out! :) There are TONS of other resources at the site to help you grow in your walk with Jesus.

This team are not a bunch of bench warmers - they are going OUT to reach people, and don't care how far they have to travel or how desperate the location. It's an awesome thing to see, and so inspirational to see all of the lives changed and people who may never have heard the Word receiving it through this small group of men & women from various backgrounds.

You can watch Thunder Road at http://www.bencerullo.com/ or check your local Christian television station listings.