Saturday, October 31, 2009

Older and wiser? I wonder...

Is it just me, or am I getting dumber with age instead of wiser? I'm 40 years old, and I am constantly walking around looking for items that are already in my hand: car keys, cell phone, coffee cup! How does one forget they are holding a coffee cup?!

My 16 year old daughter asked me a few months ago, with great concern in her voice, if I had Alzheimers. This was after walking out of Steak & Shake, digging in my purse for my keys, which I was already holding. And forgetting where we'd parked. Umm, and forgetting to leave the waitress a tip. I chalked it up to a stressful back-to-school shopping day.

I used to say that my babies sucked my brain cells out in utero, which I still maintain is true to some extent. (after all, that would explain why they are exceptionally brilliant!) But the last was produced 16 years ago, so - like my "baby fat" excuse that I've been using ever since, that's getting a little old as well.

I can concentrate on a variety of things in my work life, carry on normal conversations, even study intense topics with perfect understanding. But I can't remember my lunch that's sitting beside my purse when I leave in the morning! My neighbors must get a kick out of the daily routine of me pulling out of the driveway, backing up, running back into the house for some forgotten item, then getting half-way down the road again before I have to turn around and come back for something else that I've missed.

Whenever I tell another woman about this - especially those a little older - they nod sympathetically and say "Oh honey, it's just the hormones. It'll get better." Hormones? Ok, I can live with that explanation - but WHEN will it get better?? My 99 year old grandmother still complains of hot flashes, for pete's sake! This is what I toiled my whole life (thus far) for - being senile at 40 and having hot flashes for the next 59 years?!

I think I'll go with Maxine's explanation...


Cindy @ Living Rich said...

I was laughing while reading your post. I have all of the above:
hot flashes, forgetfulness, etc. Just tonight at the supermarket, with all my coupon carefully clipped and in an envelope, I filled my cart with all the items I had planned. Went to get my coupons and they were gone. Sent my husband home to find the envelope while I frantically searched every where I had been in the store only to finally find them in my coupon binder where I had put them so they wouldn't get lost. At 45 I'm wondering how bad it will get when I am my mother's age. Yikes!

Joan said...

I don't think I'm as smart as I use to be.

Mel ~ said...

"finally find them ...where I had put them so they wouldn't get lost."

YES!! This is me.

Thanks ladies, it's sort of comforting to know I'm not the only one.