Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm officially OBESE

According to my BMI, anyway - which is nearly 31. People looking at me may not think I'm as overweight as I am, due to the fact that I've made it a life-long goal to conceal my rolls at all cost.

Now, after seeing pictures of myself at my grandmother's 99th birthday party yesterday, I'm determined to get RID of the rolls. Honestly, I looked at the pictures and thought "Who is that fat lady??" - and realized it was me. :( I would post one of them here, but frankly - I'm too mortified, and would not subject you all to that on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Last week I started eating healthier, more often (every 2-3 hours, instead of coffee all day then munching all night), and lost a few pounds already. Today I start my exercise regimen of 30 minutes of walking per day and muscle building exercises at home.

I'm posting my ticker here at FrugalGrace so that I'll be more accountable - HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!! Feel free to post comments saying "Did you drink lots of water today?" or "Did you do your 30 minutes of cardio today??" I need it!!

I'm also moving the tv out of the bedroom today (whenever my sick-with-the-flu hubby gets out of bed) so that I will - hopefully - get more sleep. Cuz my new pretend boyfriend, Dr. Oz, says that not sleeping makes you crave carbs and gain weight. And he knows EVERYTHING! (seriously, he does, have you watched his new show??)

So, here's the ticker:

I chose the Christmas theme because I want to meet my first goal (25 more pounds) by then. That little box is going to travel along until I get that gift to myself! Please pray for me - I need to do this for myself. Thanks y'all.


wellmom9 said...

Girl, I feel you! Last time I checked my BMI (which I personally think is a useless little number since it takes no consideration of muscle mass or the amount of fat in your body!) it was borderline MORBIDly obese! Talk about a wake up call! I"m with you on those goals, and I'd like to put a ticker on my blog too! (where'd you get it?) We can do this together! I"m working out on the Wii every day with Jay (and sometimes by myself! It's so much fun!) and really working up a good sweat for at least 30 mins a day! I walk the dog a lot too and that's not only good physical exercise but I pray and walk with God at the same time.
Oh, and I totally applaud you on removing the tv from your room! I've always had trouble sleeping and my Ma never let me have one in my room growing up and now I totally back that decision!

I"m praying for you, and would love to pray with you if you want to call me! I've got some good stuff from my Pastor regarding our bodies and submitting them as a living sacrifice to God and speaking to our bodies because they're just the house our spirit lives in and were created to SERVE US not to harm us or cause us discomfort!!!

YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOAL!! Don't eat too much Halloween candy! haha

Michelle said...

i told david i start a new diet every, HA!

good luck!!