Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprise Revealed!

Sooooo.... I finally got to give hubby his long-awaited 45th birthday surprise today!! It had been postponed twice already due to weather. I had prayed on Friday night (after the 2nd postponement) that if it was delayed again, I would take that as a sign from God that Hubby wasn't meant to do it. Luckily, God decided it was ok, and gave us PERFECT weather today!

My sweet hubs has always wanted to fly an airplane, so for his birthday I booked a Discovery Flight through the wonderful folks at Piedmont Flight Training
. They were super nice, and it was absolutely great!! I think it happened so fast once we got there that he really didn't know what had hit him. We walked in, and within 5 minutes he was on the plane putting on his headset and learning the controls.

I'll admit to being
just a little worried when we got there and this kid in an AC/DC hoodie told us that the original pilot scheduled had something else to come up, and that someone else would be taking my hubby up in the air.

Turns out - the
kid was taking him up!

Jason is only 19 years old, but has every flying certification you can think of - it was mind boggling! He told hubby that he's been flying longer than he's been driving a car, and is already licensed to fly solo, commercial, high altitude, instrument rating - you name it. Of course, I would have had no idea of all of this
(and didn't, until they came back to the ground!) by looking at him. He's younger than my oldest son, for pete's sake! He was AWESOME, though, and hubby really enjoyed getting to know him, and trusted him implicitly. By the way, he had his pilot's shirt on - with all his decorations - under the AC/DC hoodie. :) Ok, so it was a little chilly...

Here's my sweetie getting ready to head off into the wild blue yonder in his first (hopefully of many) flights! Of course, I've created a monster - he's now talking about selling his Harley to pay for his pilot's license... which I wouldn't mind at all! Who doesn't want to FLY on vacation instead of drive?? ;)

Oh, to round out the Perfect Man Day, as I'm calling it now,
we went to dinner at Outback then I dropped hubby off at the coliseum to see
AC/DC with his son and our daughter-in-law and her dad.
I'm so happy he had a great day!

I love you, honey!! And sorry it took so long for your surprise! :)


Michelle said...

awww that's sweet! i kept wondering what in the world you were waiting on! lol glad he enjoyed it!