Friday, October 09, 2009

Catching my breath!

Ok, so it's been a CRAZY couple of weeks for me, and I've fallen way behind on my blogging. My deepest apologies to my millions of.....uhh...3 or so regular readers. :)

Hubby and I took a trip to Gatlinburg last weekend to celebrate his 45th birthday. He is so great about traveling! He loves it, I do too, and with the new'ish Harley we are on the roads for new adventures all the time now. Fun, fun stuff.

His birthday surprise from me got rained out on Tuesday. I was CRUSHED! Since he doesn't know what it is, he wasn't so crushed, which is good. I rescheduled it for the 24th @ 10am. I refuse to tell ANYONE what it is, though, because - as I told him - "Next to [his] kids, it'll be the best gift he EVER got!" and I don't want it ruined by someone spilling the beans. Actually, I did tell one person, but I won't even tell you who that is, because then hubby would read it here, and the might be tempted to badger that person to find out what his gift is. He hates surprises, but this one is GREAT. I can't wait! :)

I am fighting off the flu that's spreading around my town like crazy. Had a sore throat yesterday, but with some Coricidin & lots of prayer, I'm feeling better today ~knock on wood~. I have to finish up on my grandmother's 99th birthday party, which is tomorrow afternoon. She was the rock, along with my grandfather, of our family. I can't imagine life without her around. Not to worry, she says she's living to be 110, so we still have some time. :) The picture here is the most recent, with her brand new great-great-granddaughter (my precious little first great-niece!) Have you EVER seen a more beautiful woman who's 99 years old??? This picture was just taken last week, btw.

I also have to get all the prep finished for our Annual Downtown Fall Festival, also tomorrow (all day). Our Servant Evangelism Team always sets up a booth and gives away popcorn, cotton candy, and temporary tattoos to the kiddies. It's SO much fun, but a little bit of work too. I love it, and look forward to it each year. Come on out if you're in the neighborhood! I think we're expecting around 20,000 or so folks this year. ~now thinking that 400 cotton candy bags is NOT going to be enough...decides to hit up Walmart for more today~

Oh, and there's the two websites I'm supposed to be finishing up for my niece and her step-sister, who both own their own businesses. I have a pretty smart family, huh? :) I promise I will finish them SOON, ladies!! Hey, ya get what ya pay for, right? ;)

Ok, my BIG news for today:
  • FINALLY calling Time Warner Cable and canceling our $45/month home phone service and going back to the MagicJack. I finally figured out how to keep it from messing up my sound card, and now all is right with the phone world @ my house! And we're saving $520 a year now!
  • Put a hold on my YMCA membership, since we haven't used it in about 3 weeks. Will save another $123 on that (going back in January).
  • Really want to cancel cable, too, but I don't think I can live without LifeTime (Army Wives) and Food Network. Not to mention CNN, Comedy Central, Fit TV, etc. None of which I actually watch, mind you, but I do DVR a *lot* in the hopes that one day I will be able to sit/lay down and enjoy the shows.
  • I rearranged my office so that I can leave the treadmill folded out 24/7 in hopes that it will motivate me to actually get ON it at some point. My goal is 30 minutes a day, no matter what. Barring death, swine flu, or fire - I will be exercising again!
  • Started eating healthy again a few days ago - and have dropped 4 lbs! (yes, I'm aware it's "water weight", I don't care. Don't harsh my mellow!!)
Ok, I'd better get off here now and stop boring you good folks. If you want to check out a totally new and uber-cool chick online, see Stesha's New Blog. It's brand-spanking new, and yesterday was her birthday. So...consider it your gift to her, and have a look!

Peace Out!
Wow, I think I've had too much coffee...sorry for the blabbering!


Lauren said...

hahaha -- I had a lot of coffee this morning too! :) Yay for the 4 lbs! Can't wait to see what your birthday surprise is!

Joan said...

Good for you. We need to do something about our land line. Also I think once all settles with Alltel becoming Verizon, I want to go re-evaluate that.
I found when I started eating healthier I dropped weight. I blogged about it some. I'm afraid my old ways are creeping up.

Mel ~ said...

"I found when I started eating healthier I dropped weight."

Strange how that happens! ;) I feel better too (not counting the sore throat). Maybe all those health folks are onto something?

I canceled the TW phone and called DirecTV. Hey, why not? We'll save a total of $70 a month, and keep all the same entertainment we already enjoy. I really, really, really feel the need/want to go completely to only-local-tv, but it's a hard sell to the hubby and 16yo daughter. When the kids and I went without cable for a few years before DH & I married, we spent SO much more quality time together.

Brookie said...

What great randomness. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck with the surprise. I'll be back to read what it is.

Kelly said...

Good for you! Keep eating healthy and exercising and that weight will drop off! :)

crittyjoy said...

Ok this birthday surprise sounds interesting :) Cannot wait to hear what it is!

In my book 4 lbs is 4 lbs...and that is AWESOME!

Have a fabulous weekend.