Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Norwex - why didn't I think of this??

I was reading some of my many favorite cleaning/organizing/decluttering blogs a few weeks ago, looking for some recipes for homemade glass cleaner that wouldn't leave streaks of yellow (pollen) all over my windows. One of the bloggers mentioned mentioned how much she "loves Norwex window cloths". Off I went in search of them...

I first found them for sale on some big-name shopping sites (one of which starts with an "A" and ends with a "mazon"). This shop wanted as much for shipping as the items themselves - that's never made sense to me.

The more I looked, the more I read and learned and finally I landed on a site where I could sign up to sell these products and by that time, I was hooked. Or at least, I thought I'd get a bunch of really cool new cleaning supplies to play with...and I LOVE cleaning supplies ...just take a peek in my hall closet if you don't believe me.

Fast-forward about a week: I got my starter kit in the mail and started using the products. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I've bought microfiber cloths in the past and frankly, I thought they didn't do a bit of good. I've been more of a plain ol' dish-towel girl, using old ones to wipe up messy spills and clean doggie-water-bowl-dribbles off the floor.

Friday night (yes, I'm a wild woman): I started trying out the supposedly "amazing" microfiber cloths. And if the fact that I was still scrubbing anything I could get my hands on at midnight tells you anything - YES, they are AMAZING! My daughter was laughing at me, because I was literally wiping down everything in the house with these cloths dampened with tap water.

Here are a few things I have cleaned, so far, with the Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth:

All of the kitchen counters
Stove (top to bottom)
Fridge doors/handles
Sharpie off the bathroom tile (don't ask)
Walls behind trashcan (yuck, they get gunky!)
Door frames and window sills
My future son-in-law's Playstation 3 (hey, they get dusty and have lots of fingerprints!)

If you have cheap flat white paint on your walls, you feel my pain at trying to keep them clean...I wiped down a few walls of my own - painted with cheap flat white paint - that didn't get damaged one bit from the cloth and looked like new after.

I tried the dry mop over the weekend. Frankly, I wasn't very impressed. But maybe I'm not using it right or something, because everyone else raves about how great it is. I should read the instructions or something...will report back on this when I use it again.

The window cloth that I'd originally been searching for is... for lack of a better phrase... the best thing since sweet tea, Cheerwine, and Sun Drop! And if you're a fellow Southerner, you KNOW how great sweet tea, Cheerwine, and Sundrop are! For my yankee friends - it's the best thing since a grilled brat or Euchre. (How's that?) No streaks whatsoever, works dry or dampened with a little water... I'm gonna have birds flying into my windows like on that commercial (but without the stinky smell of that product)

Anyway, just thought I'd share my experience, and if you're at all interested in learning more or getting some Norwex stuff for yourself (either as a hostess - online, in-person, or business orders) just give me a shout via email or my Facebook page!