Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh, those Hazy Days...

I am very pleased to let my readers know about a local business in my little hometown that offers special one-of-a-kind jewelry, hand-beaded serving utensils, collaging, tree ornaments and even creative writing and editing services! Hazy Days Creative Company is a "celebration of the imagination!" and founded by my sweet friend, Hannah.

I have several dearly loved pieces that I have ordered from Hazy Days, and they are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and get more compliments than anything I've every purchased from a retail store! I am placing a custom order soon for my daughter's wedding cake utensils and a special mother/daughter gift for her big day later this year. (oh, now I'm tearing up again thinking about that. Let me get back to the topic here...)

Here's what Hannah has to say about
how Hazy Days came to be:

"The word “company” was specifically chosen so that Hazy Days could encompass all things creative. Jewelry is one outlet for my creative energy, but my passion (and educational background) includes the written word. Additionally, I have over five years of experience as a college English instructor. Words, writing, literature…these are my keywords!"

Hazy Days newest line of jewelry is Printemps: A Collection for Little Girls. These are the sweetest little keepsakes that any girl would be honored to say is her own! They are all one-of-a-kind, just like the special girl in your life.

This collection is sized and designed for the younger set. Each piece is handcrafted with soft, lightweight beads in delicate colours. The inspiration comes from special occasions in the spring and summer: Easter Sunday, a summer wedding or a milestone in a young girl’s life, like preschool or Kindergarten graduation. This collection is available through Spring/Summer 2011 by special order.
To place your order, email:

To see other beautiful items available, visit Hazy Days Creative Company online and browse the gallery of most recent collections:

To place a custom order, email: