Friday, April 09, 2010

Open letter to all parents, kids, teachers, etc

(CNN) -- During the last afternoon of her life, 15-year-old freshman Phoebe Prince was loudly berated in the high school library and she was taunted again as school let out, court documents say.

To every student, teacher, school admin, and parent reading this:

Can we PLEASE stop calling this type of behavior "bullying" - it's ABUSE.

And it needs to STOP.

Who is raising the kids who behave like animals at our schools??? Where are the teachers? You know what, I can visit my daughter's school during the day, or even after school in the parking lot after school, and I can hear bad language, see girls half-dressed and boys with their pants around their ankles (that's all for another post, though)... So how is it that the teachers, admin, and PARENTS did not see what was going on in this case???

Or did they see it and now that the girl is gone, only worry about covering their own butts.

Look at the beautiful 15yo girl in the picture below - Phoebe Prince - now DEAD because she was tormented relentlessly over what - - - - ?

boy she dated & some other girl got mad. Really?

Girls - do you really want to cause someone to take their own life because you're an insecure girl who didn't get the boy you wanted?!
You think it's fun to be mean to others - really?? You think you're tough & cool because you talk trash to some other girl?? Newsflash: YOU'RE NOT COOL. You're sick, and you need to reach out to an adult who can help you with your anger management issues - and this is NO joke. Do you think your friends are your friends because they love you? Probably NOT, they are scared of you. Do you want friends that are afraid not to be, or do you want people who genuinely LOVE you to be your friends? Only YOU can make that decision and turn your life around... Do it today, before it's too late.

As Beth Moore says "Meanness is power to those who have none."

Think about it the next time you want to talk to or about someone in a negative way at school. Meanness only means you don't have any power to control yourself. Is that how you want to be remembered after high school? And trust me, the ones that really KNOW you - they WILL remember. Only you can make those memories great or horrible.

It's all up to you.

What if the girl below were your best friend, or sister, or cousin...



Joan said...

so sad. She was a beautiful girl.