Friday, April 16, 2010

More ramblings from the rambler

This will be one of my very unusual rambling posts (haha, ok, stop laughing now)...

It's been a very rough week. My friend, Sunday, and her husband took their boys fishing at a local river on Monday. Long story short - their 5yo drowned. His body has not yet been recovered. Please pray - then pray some more - for them all. This alone makes the rest of this post hardly worth writing, except that I need to post something else or I'll just depress everyone for the 3rd time this week.

I went out Wednesday afternoon to help search the riverbank, and apparently the only thing I found was poison oak (to which, I am highly allergic). Luckily, my coworker was able to call me in a prescription for Prednisone (oh yay, don't you love it? like I need MORE bloating??)

I just started listening to the revised edition of Beth Moore's Breaking Free cd set today. I was LOLing in my car when she talked about her need to do her own Bible study before. She said "I kept Amen'ing myself, and yelling at the the videos "I have BEEN THERE sister!" --- well of course I had, it was MY STUDY!" Ha! I just love her so much. What a blessing her teachings are.

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, my sweet online buddy (whom I've yet to officially meet in person, despite the fact that she lives in my little town!) was featured in Complete Woman Magazine this month for...of all things...abstinence! Now, when you see the cover of this mag, that's probably the last thing you think of (Kendra What'sHerName from Playboy/Reality-show fame on the cover in a bikini). But they did an article about women who are waiting until marriage for sex, and Katie was one of them! I'm so proud of her, and the example she is setting for other young ladies!

Speaking of abstinence, have you downloaded your FREE audiobook from Jonathan Acuff?? The first essay reminded me of the subject matter of Katie's article. It's so funny! I love that our God has a sense of humor and gave us one, too!

Ok, so - I need some serious Mamavation regarding my workouts - again! I put a hold on my YMCA membership over the holidays and forgot about it. I joined the gym my hubby goes to, but haven't been at all this week. Then today, I found out my hold at the Y has ended so now I belong to TWO gyms and still not working out!!! If that doesn't deserve a kick in the pants, I don't know what does!? So give it to me, ladies (and gents if you're out there). Kick away!!! I need it!

Gotta get to my sweet babygirl's fastpitch game now...then to church for a run-through for our Child Hunger Ends Here! benefit concert on 4/30. Y'all come now, ya hear???


Anonymous said...

My goodness! Pls email me updates.
Sorry about your friend's loss, and Beth rocks!

Tracy said...

Yikes on the poison oak. That sounds miserable. What an important task, though.

I am going to download a free book, oh yeah.

GO TO ONE OF YOUR TWO GYMS...NOW! It will make you feel great. Your mood, better. Dessert, you can eat it. You are the one who can make it happen. (I hope this helps)