Saturday, August 01, 2009

How much is your cell phone bill?

Ours is OUTRAGEOUS! We switched from Net10 (which I LOVED, but wanted more features) 2 years ago, to Verizon Wireless. Then a few months later added my daughter to our plan. For 3 phones (1 is a Blackberry), we pay...hold your seats...$180 a month! I know, I know, so much for saving money with coupons, huh?? Plus, we still have a house phone, since hubby is old-school and is "scared" to get rid of it. (his word, not mine)

I heard about this deal on Clark Howard and thought I'd pass it along. Our contract is up this month (thank God!) and I'm going to try and switch to Boost Mobile $50/unlimited everything.

Yes, $50 for unlimited calling, texting, pictures, web, everything!! I may have to trade my precious Blackberry for another model, not sure if mine is compatible yet (waiting on the good folks at to let me know). Wish me luck! And check out that deal for yourself if you want to save some big bucks!


Ann said...

Good Luck! That sounds like a good deal. Wish there was coupons for phone service (lol) :)