Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Food Lion Couponing 101

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Several of you wanted to know how to do Food Lion couponing after seeing my yesterday's trip in which I got:
2 rolls Home360 paper towels
2 packs Healthy Accents cotton rounds
1.63 lb fresh cherries
1 Kiwi
2 lbs bananas
4 Starbucks fraps
2 4-packs FL Clearly Sparkling white grape water (clearance for $1.29)
2 small bags of salad
4 LARGE Ragu pasta sauce
4 Easy Mac (B1G1F coupons I had)
1 Hi-C

Total before Qs & MVP: $71.03
Total OOP: $18.04

So here you go!

NOTE: You can only use one of *each*
FLIP (Food Lion Internet Printable)
for the same product per transaction.

For instance - in one transaction:
1 FLIP for coffee
1 FLIP for Home360 item
1 FLIP for Health Accents product
This is fine!

2 FLIPs for coffee = Not allowed!
1 FLIP for Home360 item
1 FLIP for Health Accents product

Some stores will allow you to do multiple transactions at one visit, some won't. Try doing two transactions your first trip, then you'll know which stores are FLIP-Friendly. ;)

FLIPs can be printed here - http://www.weusecoupons.com/upload/food-lion/19496-current-flips.html --- many in first few posts, then you can scroll through the other posts to get different ones as other's post their finds.

More recent ones are here: http://www.weusecoupons.com/upload/food-lion/19496-current-flips-27.html#post223648

****These change weekly (some monthly)
so keep checking back for the newest coupons!****

Changes are usually on Wednesday mornings, since that's when the new sales start.

You can find *my* finds/deals here every week: http://frugalgrace.blogspot.com/search/label/foodlion

They are PDF files - so you will need Adobe Reader to view/print them. (most people already have this software installed)

Let's go shopping!

What I do is paperclip my coupons together so I can stay organized in the store.
For instance yesterday I had these together for each trip:

  • 1 Guiding Stars (produce, meats, dairy, canned/frozen veggies, can use this on just about anything that's semi-healthy)
  • 1 Hi-C
  • 1 Starbucks (use on individual cold one and get them for CHEAP!)
  • 1 Home 360 (paper products, storage/trash bags, wipes, cleaning products, school/office supplies. etc are Home360)
  • 1 Healthy Accents (look on health/beauty aisle for these products)

Take one or two stacks of your paper clipped coupons in, and there ya have it!
  • Look for items that will be free or the cheapest with your coupons - for instance, cherries are $1.49/lb this week so I got a little over a pound yesterday. Bananas are 39¢/lb, so I got 2 lbs plus 1 Kiwi for 59¢ (since the Guiding Stars coupon states "purchase must exceed $1.00).
  • For Home360 and Healthy Accents - get the smallest/cheapest of whatever you need/want - emery boards are 99¢, for instance (Healthy Accents) and 13 gallon trash bags are $1.49 (Home360).

Any questions - feel free to ask! :)

Happy Shopping!