Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Meat?

This is a strange post for a day that is traditionally celebrated with cookouts featuring moist hamburgers, perfectly grilled hotdogs, thick steaks, and so on... But I'm just not in a meat mood lately. I'm seriously considering going vegetarian. Not vegan, I can't begin to imagine giving up cheese! But using beans and other high protein foods in place of meat-filled meals, and eating lots more fresh fruits and berries and veggies. Perfect time for that, right? With the gardens about to overflow with fresh produce!

Sometimes just the texture of meat turns me off - I've been known to spit out a bite when the thought crosses my mind "This is something's flesh I'm chewing!" (don't worry, I do spit it out in a napkin, and have mastered the art of making it look like I'm just wiping my mouth) It's funny, I called my sister today to ask her a question about making homemade granola and she told me that she has been feeling the same way lately about eating meat. Not that it's a protest against animal cruelty, or even for health reasons (though that is certainly a benefit!) - but just cuz it seems ....well....gross lately. Maybe it's age? Anyone else change your eating habits for no apparent reason the older you got? Please share!

Anyway, I went to Earthfare today and got some really yummy, organic stuff to make my granola. And I got my very first wheatgrass shot! I had seen some show on tv where the people were drinking it and gagging and like it was just the nastiest thing EVER. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was kind of a ...well...grassy taste. LOL Fresh, not bitter, went down very easily - and I got a little psychological boost for doing something "healthy for my body" (even though some people debate the claims of many "wheatgrass pushers", one thing is for sure - it's packed with vitamins and minerals by all accounts).

I've also been drinking green smoothies for a few weeks now, and I can REALLY tell when I don't have one in the morning. I didn't have time today, and after running my daughter and her friend all over the place shopping, I was a little sluggish by the time we got home. I'm almost certain if I'd had my green smoothie before we left, I'd have had a lot more energy. My favorite smoothie is just a combo of mixed frozen berries (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry), a little OJ to help it mix up, and all the spinach I can stuff in it. I use my Magic Bullet and it makes the perfect, single-serving every time. Blend the fruit and OJ first as a base, then just keep adding organic spinach and blending until you have a full serving. Sound like it would be pretty nasty - but it's one of THE best smoothies I've ever had - and a lot cheaper than buying one at some expensive smoothie bar! Try it yourself and play around with flavors you like - I bet you'll be hooked. :) Oh yeah, don't be alarmed if your berry green smoothies don't turn out green - they still taste great! (I've had a couple that were more like a brown...but they were also the yummiest!)

Anyway, not really sure why I felt the need to share all of that here...I guess I don't really have much else to report these days. Been a really busy weekend, but nothing very interesting. So...for Meatless Monday - I'm

Melinda, signing off and going to make some granola! :)

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Joan said...

It is crazy how parallel our lives are at times. We seem to frequent the same places and think the same things. I've said before I could easily be a vegetarian if I didn't have to cook for my family. As I've told you, I do my smoothie with a ready made green powder adding either organic milk or drinkable yogurt then fruit in my magic bullet. I'm thinking of switching it up with OJ or rice milk.

Michelle said...

haha! i could have written that first paragraph. I am SO weird when it comes to meat. I can't stand the sight of it! the smell of it! and i never touch it raw!!! ick! i'm the same way with chicken. I go back and forth on the whole meat thing. this is my third or fourth time giving it up. it's been about a year and a half. i've eaten it a couple times (when wayne cooks for our ladies banquets or a steak once when we went to outback) but i don't replace it with anything healthy! heehee I just eat a lot of junk! lol

gotta scoot getting ready to head out the door!