Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is this thing on?

So...blogger seems to have lost my previous blog and all it's glorious content (that being the fascinating minutea of my daily life as of a few months ago...I'll give you a moment to grieve).

So here I am, starting yet another blog. I've become quite addicted to reading other's online exploits - thanks to my friend, Michelle @ Raising Little Women who has a FABULOUS place on the net of her own. Check it out! :)

Hopefully I'll have more time (when I'm not at work, as I am now - shhhh!) to add lots more content here and maybe a story or ten from my daily life as it unfolds.


Michelle said...

woohoo! i found you! can't wait to see more! so glad you've got a blog up and running!LOVE your blog title and that picture is beautiful!

jon said...

yay !!

let me know what to do to help.