Sunday, May 31, 2009

King of the Road!

I spent 2 hours last night and 5 hours today, cruising around on my hubby's new toy (he says "ours" but we all know I wouldn't have bought this myself). I was totally against the idea, but it's been hubby's dream *forever* to have a Harley. I was scared, because we have 3 friends with permanent disabilities from motorcycle accidents, and my nephew was killed on his bike a few years ago. They were all on the little "hot-rod" bikes that young people like. Ours is more of an "old folks cruising on Sunday afternoons" type of bike. ;) I still worry, but not quite as much. I'm surprised at how relaxing it is to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Yesterday, hubby went to the Bikers for Christ rally at a church in Greensboro. A pastor there actually blessed his bike! He laid hands on it and hubby and prayed for protection and safety. I thought that was very cool. And it does help me feel more at ease about it, I know that God is ALWAYS in control anyway. :)

Last night we drove around town, to Ridgeway, VA and back home. Today, we spent 5 hours on the road - driving up to Rocky Mount, VA, stopped by my beautiful niece's new home to show her & her hubby the bike, and got a yummy slice of mixed fruit pie with homemade whipped cream while we were there! Did I mention it was still warm from the oven? YUMMMMMM!!! Annnnnnnd, it was healthy! No added sugar, just pure fresh fruit...~drooling~

Oh, where was I? Oh yeah, hubby and I now own a Harley - and it's all good. We're gonna have fun with it. :)


Joan said...

Looks like fun. You gonna start wearing all that Harley wear?

Mel ~ said...

Hmmm, somehow I can't see myself in leather chaps...except maybe at Halloween. LOL Maybe just a *little* Harley gear, for safety purposes only. :)