Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wow Wii!

Hubby's getting me a Wii tonight! I'm so excited! I've wanted the Wii Fit since it came out, but he kept poo-pooing the idea. I finally convinced him that it was something we could do together, and after he saw that there were driving games too, he was sold. He's now gone to get a bunch of games and accessories from a guy on Craigslist (who was looking for a Verizon phone, which I happened to have laying around from before I got the Blackberry). Even trade - woot!

Then we're meeting at WallyWorld and getting the Wii/Wii Fit and I'm hoping to convince him that I really need the EA Sports Active set, too. ;)

Funny how him spending a small fortune on a Harley for himself has made him feel so guilty generous toward me! ~hehe~

Of course, he could have bought this a week ago - before I rejoined the gym!!


Joan said...

I got Wii Fit last winter and did it pretty often. Now walking is my preferred exercise but I should bring it out. It can be a little boring at first until you unlock my exercises and reps.

Michelle said...

we have a wii fit too. it's a lot of fun. although, i've not done it since we moved =P i like the step one best.

that's great y'all were able to even trade for a phone!

Mel ~ said...

Joan, I like hiking but I get bored walking by myself. We had a ladies walking group @ church last year, but it kinda fell apart.

Michelle, we got Mario Cart and 3 or 4 other other games, two steering wheels, an extra remote, a "gun" adapter for hunting games and extra nunchuck for that old phone! I was a happy camper. :)