Saturday, June 06, 2009

My First Trash-to-Treasure Project

I keep forgetting to post these... Michelle inspired me to re-do some oldie goldies that have desperately needed it for years now.

These are a set of patio chairs that belonged to my grandparents. My grandmother is now 98 years old, and she had these for as long as I can remember before she went to the nursing home. I kept looking at sets in stores, thinking I really wanted some nice chairs for the deck, but I couldn't bear the thought of parting with these... They definitely needed some TLC, though...

2 cans of spray paint later (total $2.40), and some cheap cushions from Walmart:

I also have to show off this gem that I picked up for $10 at a yard sale - you can't really tell from the picture (because of the shadows from the tree overhead), but it's in PERFECT shape. And it's sooooooo comfy!


Michelle said...

WOW! those look great! and i'm so jealous of your new little gem! i'm looking for a set to go out on the front porch.

Falling Around said...

Awesome transformation. Don't ya just love that feeling of accomplishment? This would be a great Monday Makeover.