Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cutting back on Sugar? You NEED this deal!

For my friends who are watching sugar intake but don't like artificial sweeteners (or if you do like them, but want something better):

Go here, sign up for your free account, and search for "NuStevia" ("NuNaturals uses the special, highly concentrated Stevia extract, NuStevia™ from which the bitterness of the extract has been removed. NuStevia™ is a natural plant extract.")

Even better: You get $10 off your first order! (check email after you sign up). This makes the 12oz canister only $4.12 + shipping $4.99 = $9.11 total. (go through ebates and get 4% cash back!)

Sound like a lot for sweetener? I got mine on 8/11 and have barely made a dent in it after using it every day, several times a day for different things! I only need 1/4 tsp for a big cup of coffee, 1/4cup for a gallon of sweet tea. And this is THE best tasting sweetener I've found - EVER. Absolutely no aftertaste and, dare I say, even better than real sugar in my opinion! I seriously love it so much I had to share. :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've been using stevia from the supermarket, but it's too expensive to use as much as I'd like.

~Melinda said...

Thanks for stopping by, Melissa. This has THE best taste and price that I've found for stevia. You're right, it is so much more expensive in retail stores (and all of them tend to have a bitter taste, imo).