Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My First Quilt-Along!

My hubby has officially declared me addicted to sewing. I think because I took some - just a few! - sewing supplies to the beach with me over the 4th of July vacation. Sadly, I didn't get to clip anything - I was too busy reading...about quilting. I bought a few quilting mags and brought along a binder full of information I've printed out online about ... well... quilting... OK! I'll admit it! Guilty as charged. ~Did I mention that I also listened to The Quilter's Apprentice books-on-cd on the way to and from the beach?~

But anyway, it could be worse...right? Just because my home office has now become a sewing room and vaguely resembles a fabric store (though not quite as organized)...that's not a BAD thing.

Today I joined my first virtual Quilt-Along! I'm pretty stoked about it, just because I'll learn some new blocks and it's geared specifically to newbies. I think I may be outgrowing newbie stage already, though, since I did look at the first few blocks and thought "Wow, that's too easy..." ~hee!~

Maybe the fact that I'm blogging about quilting ...at work... is wrong. So I'd better get busy so I can get home and... umm....yeah. :)


Jane said...

Will someone help me please!? I'm glad to know that you may be going through it also--Elm Creek Quilters Addiction!! I've told my son that it's like watching a movie in my head and I can't seem to be able to turn off the DVD player!!

I have enjoyed the books very much and anticipate you will also. So glad that she has written 10(?) books so far.


~ Mel ~ said...

I know! I can't stop thinking about the next book (which is downloading on my Blackberry as I type this!). So, so glad you posted about them! Thanks for stopping by!