Sunday, July 11, 2010

Classes and weddings and homecomings - Oh my!

To say I've been busy lately is quite an understatement. Yesterday alone I had the three things in the subject line to do, plus fitting in time for a much-needed haircut & brow waxing! Oh yeah, I think I was supposed to eat a little in between events, as well...but I kinda forgot to do that except for a cheeseburger at 3pm. : /

But I digress...

I'm still in full-on Quilting Addiction Mode. I try to work on something every evening, if possible (translation: if I can overcome the guilt of "neglecting" my husband & 17yo daughter, who probably couldn't care less that I'm in the sewing room anyway). I had another quilt class yesterday, and I just love those Saturday mornings! It's a small group, I think we had 6 yesterday, and the best teacher EVER. She is so, so patient and kind with everyone. You can see her love of the art shine through, and she's so encouraging to this newbie.

The other ladies are so sweet, as well. One is a 'girl' I went to church with many years ago. We were in youth group together, but lost touch as we grew older. I think we were both surprised to see one another in a quilting class, of all places! (we had a rather "colorful" time during our youth group years and have lots of chuckles reminiscing...I just wonder what the other ladies think when they hear us! LOL) We're both fairly new quilters, so we have fun bouncing off one another and helping each other out. We're also just a *tad* competitive about it, which gives me more determination to finish projects! ;)

Another is the teacher's mother-in-law, and she is such a sweet lady! She is always offering suggestions and tips and tricks for me to try, and is also so encouraging. I don't know the others as well, but the whole group is so great and I'm so glad I found the class. I just wish we had it more than once a month. I'm hinting around to our instructor about a Quilting Bee, though. ;)

After the class, and squeezing in the haircut & waxing, I headed to the locally owned, infamous fast-food joint - Pete's. They have THE BEST burgers ever. Seriously. They are like perfection on a bun. My brother and little nephew came to town after being in Hawaii for 3 years (bro is in the military), and the first place they wanted to visit at 'home' was Pete's. Nephew said today that "Pete's isn't good for you...but it sure is good!" It was awesome to see them both! I can't believe how big Titus has gotten - he's so tall! I guess they do that from 5-8 years old, though. :) They are here for the whole week before heading off to brother's next station, so hopefully we can spend lots of time together this week. :) :)

Then ~whew~ we went to one of, if not THE, most beautiful wedding ceremonies I've ever attended. A dear friend's daughter was the bride, and hubby and I were handling the technical stuff for them (video and audio). The ceremony was absolutely the most sweet, Spirit-filled thing ever. She is a school teacher who met her Youth Pastor hubby a few years ago, and they have been ministering together ever since. This is one of their engagement photos... I didn't notice the rain until I read the photographer's comments about the shoot. It started raining during their session, but they just kept shooting. He named their session "The Notebook" because of this picture... just beautiful!

I wish them a long lifetime of incredible love and success. They are truly an amazingly beautiful couple, inside and out! <3

So, that's why I haven't been blogging. Just been a little busy puttering around... I'm sure you'll all so glad you just wasted a perfectly good 5 minutes reading this babbling. ;)


Michelle said...

ohmygoodness! i love that picture. amazing.