Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moms & Social Networking

Seems a lot of us are struggling with this lately.  I've got several blogging friends who have expressed the same, and I just blogged about spending too much time procrastinating on some very important things this week myself.  It's so easy to just get lost in the world of the Internet - you sit down to check your email, and before you know it 2 hours have passed...or 3...or 4.  All those nifty blogs! All those contests and giveaways to enter and post on your own blog! All those friends to catch up with on Facebook/Twitter/MySpace!  All those LINKS!!!  No, it's not hard to get lost at all.

I've often said that I wish the Internet was what it is now when my children were very small. You all have SO many more resources and - quite literally - the whole world at your fingertips to get advice, support, ideas and virtual fellowship.  (and coupons!!! Oh, what I wouldn't have done for $5 off formula coupons back in the day!) 

However, I also know that if it had been so plentiful then, I'd have been neglecting things at home while I was online... talking with strangers... about things at home!  We got our first computer in 1997 - and I remember too vividly spending way too much time on it then - on dial-up, no less - and making terrible mistakes in my child-rearing & marriage as a result (they seemed justifiable at the time). I thank God and my children for forgiving me every single day.

High-speed internet back then, with all the information out there now??  I'd have been even more plugged in online and plugged out of life - just a fact I'm willing to admit as a hopeless geek.

As an older mother, I want to say to all women reading this - never, ever, EVER let this box we all love so much to take anything from your children.  These moments with them are precious and one day you *will* wish you'd just been sitting in the floor playing with them more than celebrating any other accomplishments you've achieved over the years.  


jackie said...

Great post!

~ Mel ~ said...

Thank you, Jackie! I was a little worried about posting this - but it was something that God was putting on my heart so strongly...