Monday, February 15, 2010

Do you ever...?

Does anyone else get into these ruts where you just procrastinate about *everything*?? Seriously, I can not get my mind to focus at. all. lately.

This is my desk. 

* That big pile of white papers on the right is work I've brought home the last umpteen Thursdays and not gotten done yet.

* The packages stacked up need to be mailed (that I *will* do today) - been putting that off since last week. I mean, how hard is it to put some books in envelopes & print addresses??

* The post-its are covered with items that need to be done - and the lists just keep growing.  They are small in the pic, but just so you know - there's 3 pads of Post-it's there...all with To-Do Lists.

* There's a bunch of items to list on eBay that you can't see - both on the desk & under the desk in boxes.

Plus - all the clutter makes me CRAZY - so I need to DO all these things to clean my desk off.  

* And this is just the stuff on my desk that needs to be done!  I have 2 appointments today, a house to clean, mounds of laundry to do, floors to mop...Ugh.

And yet, I just wanna sit here and read blogs and surf and drink coffee. Or maybe curl up on the couch with my pups and watch a chick-flick. Or read a book. ~shrug~

I'll be SO glad when Spring gets here! I think it's all this crazy weather that's making me so lazy. Anyone else??

On a positive note: WOW, my monitor looks HUGE in this pic doesn't it?? Thanks to my sweet hubby for the much-needed Christmas gift. :)


SharoniusThunk said...

oh honey... are you kidding!? I've spent the past month like that! It finally seemed to "break" on Friday and I suddenly found myself actually checking things off instead of just adding things to my list... but it's still going to be a while before my desk is actually only filled with current projects.

jackie said...

Ya, I get like this all the time. Luckily, I had a 4 day weekend to get stuff done around the house. But did I get my couponing done....NO! I have a stack that needs filing...UGH!

Sunset Learning Academy said...

I have this issue as well.... the desk looks a lot like mine! I seem to move the mess from one spot to the next. I think it is the weather.