Friday, July 24, 2009

I've got a secret...

Wanna know how I get such great deals at Food Lion?? First sign up here for the Shopper's Companion.

Then check out the FLIPs (Food Lion Internet Printables) at! (If you join the site, which is completely FREE, of course - please feel free to tell them that mpayne referred you. I get nothing for that, but would just love to know how many folks join because I sent them. I'm weird that way. LOL)

There are just a few rules to abide by when you use FLIPs -

* These coupons can only be printed *once* per computer, but the print limit can be increased in the “print” box BEFORE you print. Remember to print as many as you think you will need, as you cannot come back to print again!

* Each FLIP can only be used once per transaction, but you may use multiple FLIPs (for different products) in the same transaction. Most Food Lions allow customers to do multiple transactions. (YMMV: Your mileage may vary)

* Sometimes there are different versions of similar coupons. WeUseCoupons tries to keep the first post of the FLIPs thread updated with all of the current versions of these coupons for everyone to print.

* Most Food Lions allow customers to combine a FLIP with a manufacturer’s coupon to maximize the savings, just ask a manager

Have fun saving with Food Lion -
and keep checking back here for more great deals & steals EVERY WEEK!


lisa said...

Very good explanations =] But I have a question: Where do the FLIPs come from, besides WUC? They must originate somewhere, right?

Mel ~ said...

Hi Lisa! Yes, the Shoppers Companion (first link) sends you a link with new coupons via email each week after you sign up. The FL site changes each week, so you can't go back and print previous Qs from there. If you forget to print and need a previous week's coupons, you can get the full list, and print the Qs, at WuC - including those no longer on the FL site. Hope that makes sense! :)

lisa said...

Ooooh. That makes a lot of sense. Is it one set per week for all the Food Lion shoppers or is it based on your shopping habits?

Mel ~ said...

I'm not sure how they determine who gets which coupons. I do know that many people get the same sets, so I'm not sure it's based so much on shopping habits. Probably just random. You can print ALL the different sets at the links above though. :)