Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few words on grandparenting...

I've been thinking a lot lately about grandparents. Specifically, my grandparents as compared to the grandparents that I encounter these days. My Nana is now 101 and still kickin', though as much as I hate to admit - I know that can't go on forever. She's in a wheelchair now and her mind "comes & goes", but she still plays bingo a few times a week. :) Incredible!

We lost our beloved "Popoo" on New Years Eve 1989, but at least once a day something makes me think of him. They taught me and my siblings so very much - lessons that have helped all seven of us become responsible, law-abiding, respectable citizens - and isn't that ultimately all we ever want for our kids and grand-kids?

I think I'll do a little series on all the little things they taught me, as much for me as for the readers here, because with my first grandson on the way I'm thinking more and more "I want to be THAT kind of grandparent."

What do you think?