Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For my OCD - I mean organized friends!

If you like labeling & organizing (everything!) like I do,
this is a great deal on customized stickers!
All you pay is a small shipping fee.

I've ordered from this company MANY times over the years
and the products are always great quality!

I label just about anything that doesn't move in my house -
craft bins, kitchen canisters, tool boxes, desk drawers, you name it.
I no longer label my kids' clothes since... well, they are 23, 20, and 18 and I figure they can keep up with them on their own now. ;)

These stickers are AWESOME for labeling camping gear, toys that travel to friend's houses, sports equipment, electronics, and of course -
all Mom's goodies that she needs to keep track of, as well.

Use the 2" x 3" stickers for all sorts of things - Use them to coordinate your home-office, label boxes, organize your pantry and more.

The 3.43" x 1.93" size make great labels and name tags,
perfect for school supplies and overnight bags.

And did I mention they are SUPER CUTE???

Take a look and pick out your favorite design/s and only pay shipping!
The only problem you'll have is deciding which ones you like best!