Thursday, January 07, 2010

WeBlog! Conference - My shameless self-promotion!

WHOA!! I just found out about this awesome opportunity from We Blog! Conference! They are holding a mini-conference focus group to help determine the direction of the BIG WeBlog! conference in May 2011. 

I am *drooling* at the possibility of attending this mini-conference, hosted by at the beautiful Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg this May!

The Co-Founders of We Blog!, 3 boys & a Dog and The Post-It Place have worked with their sponsors (above) to provide this virtually FREE experience for 8 lucky bloggers!  I want to be one of them!! 

We Blog! wants bloggers to tell them what WE want in the WeBlog! Conference in 2011 (also being held at the Glenstone Lodge), as well as touring the location and getting to know other bloggers to trade tips, tricks, and fellowship.  They're offering Round Table Discussions, a Live Twitter Party (how fun!), a Southern Style Tea, a chance for others to "Critique My Blog" and find out "What Works", and much more.  Oh, please please please let me goooooo!  As they say "I ain't too proud to beg!"  ;)

I SO wish I could have attended a conference like this before I started blogging!  I just kinda stumbled into the Blogosphere with no experience whatsoever, and boy would Blogging 101 have come in handy!  As it was, I just winged it - eternally thankful to the other, more experienced bloggers, who gave me tips along the way.  It's been quite a whirlwind experience!  I've had the opportunity to begin writing for several online sites - including ExemplifyOnline, Skirt Magazine, and Divine Caroline - and a few print projects as a direct result of my blogging!  I would never have imagined the possibilities when I started Frugal Grace as a little hobby!

I am SO anxious to learn more and grow in this world of blogging!  I hope I am chosen as one of the special 8 people to attend the mini-conference and I look forward to the 2011 WeBlog! Conference!!

We Blog Conference Badge


crlympl said...

Good luck, you totally deserve to go! I will be sending good vibes and hoping they work. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.